Teaching Around Europe

Thanks to my experience in different european projects, I have been able to see the different methods of teaching in many countries around Europe. England, Norway, Italy or Spain, teachers behave very differently in front of their students.

teaching-around-europe-1There is no a right way or a wrong way. We have to remember that teachers have the same goal, even if they are from different parts of the world. Teachers are trainers as well as educator. They have to teach their subject and with that they also have to teach respect and responsibility. And in order to do this they apply different strategies.

In Germany, for example, classes last 45 minutes and then pupils have 15 minutes break. In this way both students and teachers can keep their attention high and they can restore their mind. Furthermore teachers use very often technology during classes, from tablets to Multimedia Interactive Boards.

teaching-around-europe-3In northern countries something similar happens. Technology occupies an important role in education. In every classroom there are computers, tablets and MIBs. But in these countries teachers are just “helpers”. They want to develop a complete autonomy in kids so that traditional teaching methods are inverted: instructions or lectures are delivered online and to be watched at home while activities or homework are moved in class, with the help of the teacher.

If we go to Spain, schools here have very different methods in using technology. They pay more attention to the achievements of neuroscience and pedagogy. In fact many schools use the Thinking-Based-Learning, which is a strategy that wants to develop the creative thinking of kids. Kids are left alone to solve problems with the teacher that correct them afterward.

teaching-around-europe-2Anyway, as I said before there is not a best way to teach. Different methods exist and schools should evaluate what to use. Always remembering that teachers and students have the same goals.

There is one thing I always say to my students. Teacher and students are not two opposite parts. They are not two teams that are fighting each other. They are part of the same team and they go in the same direction.


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