Playing very seriously!


How not to noticed an Italian 5-year-old girl sitting next to you reading quite efficiently and effortlessly a book in English when neither her parents are native English speakers nor she is living in an English-speaking context?

How is this possible?

The answer is simpler than you might think: a school that DOES NOT teach English. Yes, you read that well! At BBE BABY SCHOOL BIASSONO, there are no English lessons. We instead take children and playing very seriously. In fact, PLAY is the only way our children build up life skills and crucial knowledge. BBE children experience real-life meaningful communication in English everyday to interact with peers and teachers, to have their needs and desires met, to create emotional bonds, etc.
They need English in the same way they need Italian:
to interact, to communicate and to play. We believe in respecting every child’s inner capacity and letting them reach whatever limit they wish. BBE teachers are researches, observing children, analysing their observations and proposing playful, enjoyable and age-appropriate experiences based on their children. BBE children are inquirers, linguistics, scientist through play. They can reach the stars, they can swim the deepest oceans, they can become surgeons while using English to do what they do best PLAY AND DISCOVER.       

At BBE, respecting children’s needs, interests and their individual characteristics is of utmost importance, meaning NO WORKSHEETS, NO GRAMMAR, NO BORING LESSONS LEARNING ISOLATED WORDS OUT CONTEXT.

At BBE, we play seriously using English all day long. 


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